Monday, August 31, 2009


The day before I hitchhiked two hours with my soul sister Jana to meet with the infamous fortune-teller a few towns away, we sat in my kitchen talking over tea. She asked me if I could go anywhere in the world and live for a while where would it be. I said India, Jana said Africa. We were brainstorming what our hopes and dreams were to see if they ran parallel to what this fortune-teller would tell us that awaited us on our separate paths through our lives. She predicted I would be travelling vagabond and that Jana would be widowed young. She was right, I didn’t even give myself time to finish school before I began exploring this planet. Jana’s love died when she was 28, and she followed him just six months later after being hit by a bus while driving a motorcycle in Asia. Her death inspired me to continue living life to the very fullest as it could be taken away from me in a moment. As time begins to slip away ever so fast I am lost in the idea of fuelling my own self fulfilling prophecy and continuing to manifest the unknown shining on it the most vibrant glow from my soul’s fire. These stories are expressions of moments in life that become part of my personal history as a woman wandering the world in search of self, seeking sustainable happiness inspired by beauty.