Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's raining in the Carribean

It is raining in the Caribbean today and the sky is painted with the most delicate hues of blue and grey. It rained all night and I felt the cool drops of rain, through my homemade mosquito net, help me sustain that state, where lucid dreaming was almost possible. The constant drips of rain on my bare chest added new dimensions to my dreams, carrying me away to a place that was so surreal it could have only been my dreams.

Maybe it was the bat flying around my palapa panicking as it searched for an exit point unable to allow its senses to guide it, because the infusion of incense, mosquito repellent and my own human bodily odors prevented it from being led by its animal instincts. It was blinded by the artificial environment that to me reflects such simplicity in this synthetic world.
Maybe the cockroaches added the strange dimension to my dream. They found their way into my bed even though I try to keep it clean of food. Or could it have been the mosquitoes buzzing around my ears and attacking my body that added that extra element of absurdity to my closed eye creations. Those insidious mosquitoes have become resistant to the chemicals that are created steer them away from the sweet taste of my blood. Even when I try to keep them away I am surrendering to their combat when I close my eyes.
I dreamt and dreamt and dreamt of everything my imagination doesn’t usually create. I am tired today because I was so busy trying to guide my subconscious to a dreamy place that was the most pleasant yet coherent enough for me to control as if it were my opened eye reality. We live with our eyes opened and soul closed yet when we close our eyes we sleep, soul exposed to our subconscious in the process of manifesting something tangible in our waking reality.